Innovation & Efficiency in Mind – About Vicount Industries

FRONT-OF-VICOUNTAt Vicount Industries, we consider ourselves designers, engineers and manufacturers who are passionate about what we do – we take ideas and make them into working products efficiently and accurately. We’re dedicated to doing things right and believe that the product we provide will not only make a difference in your bottom line – but also aid in the reduction of stress for your processes and your team.

Everyone at Vicount Industries shares an interest in making complex designs come to life. You will notice this in everything we do by following our systematic approach for executing the most complex of projects under grueling deadlines.

Our innovative thinking, attention to detail, and open communication with our customers help us create the highest-quality metal stamping dies. While making metal stamping dies to improve your processes and help you succeed is what we do, how we do it has earned the trust and repeat business of our customers.

Vicount's Vision

We live in an ever-changing world… our vision has been built around implementing and adapting to these changes, with new systems and equipment that complement the ever-changing needs of our customer.

ISOx75At Vicount much has changed, yet much has remained the same as well, which is why we are proud to call ourselves industry leaders since 1968.