Customer Problem

Vicount-a-Supplier-that-Adds-ValueCustomer had three big problems:

  1. Their 800 ton press went down requiring major repair
  2. Broken Press was running a die that needed an implementation of an engineering change.
  3. The large automotive supplier had no way of building a parts bank to allow for machine and die repair time.

There was no doubt, a threat of shutting down an assembly plant was imminent.

Vicount's Solution:

Vicount was able to bring the die in house to implement the engineering changes WHILE continuing parts production. Both parts production and engineering change were performed in a shortened time frame while the large automotive supplier was able to repair their 800 ton press.

Measurable Results

  • Saved customer from shutting down a production line & incurring fines
  • Vicount ran over 100,000 parts to continue production
  • Performed eningeering change and made die repairs which improved part quality and eliminated a costly deburring operation