Your Progressive Die Building Experts

DSC_0019At Vicount Industries, precision is our most important consideration. Our commitment to precision metal stamping die making assures your productivity, quality, and economy. We continually strive to provide leading edge design and consistent top quality production completed on-time.

Our reputation for first-class die making has been earned with over four decades of experience providing manufacturers with top quality Progressive Stamping Dies.

We pride ourselves in being able to not only build, but tackle the complex Progressive Die requirements that other shops shy away from. Anyone can say they can build a progressive die, but by engineering value added features and going the extra mile to support our customers, we believe we outshine the competition. A few of our notable achievements to date:

  • Thick wall Extrusions (for self tapping screws)
  • In Die Tapping
  • In Die Assembly of components
  • Partial Prog to Transfer die builds

Remember… dies ordered from Vicount are all custom made – the innovative ideas that resonate from our experienced die designers culminate in the finest die money can buy. From die concept to delivery, Vicount Industries has the ability to build Progressive dies in any size or complexity desired.

Progressive Dies that Exceed Expectations

Progressive Die 2No matter how complex the progressive die, the engineers at Vicount use the latest high-tech equipment to design, build and tryout the die long before it hits your production floor. Our in-house processes and services guarantee the high standards of every order, generating more value for every dollar spent. Our Associates are dedicated to customer satisfaction and only provide quality dies and components… all at the agreed upon price, on time.

When you need an easy to maintain, high-quality progressive metal stamping die, come to the die shop where quality is number one; contact Vicount Industries.


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