Made in the USA – Makes the Difference

Proudly based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Vicount Industries designs, engineers, machines and builds made-in-the-USA metal stamping dies and components, known for tight-tolerance and rugged durability and repeatability.

Offshore Tooling When You Need It

Hybrid-Die1Many times, due to budget constraints, our customers will request LCC (Low Cost Country) content to help mitigate costs. With this in mind, Vicount has spent several years developing offshore sources to machine and assemble tooling. Whether the project demands Domestic content, Offshore content or a combination of both (hybrid die), Vicount can manage your tooling program to deliver customer satisfaction. Our project managers are your direct point of contact, orchestrating the build process and keeping you continually updated on your project.

Exporting_Vicoun-tOur world-wide alliance of partners has enabled us to expand our capacity and provide low cost die-kit component solutions that deliver tooling with American made quality. Engineering, Design and Tryout are performed stateside while die components, produced offshore, will arrive complete and ready to assemble. If required, we can provide offshore project management to oversee project timing and attention to detail guaranteeing the quality of your finished metal stamping die.

Global Stamping Die & Tooling Solutions

Vicount has created a vital link to our quality and productivity. Total Program Management is an integral system that is responsible for the performance of resources to deliver customer satisfaction, insuring compliance to specific performance measures.

Vicount Industries offers high quality, small to large scale metal stamping dies with exceptional tool quality and world-class efficiency. As with all our endeavors, we work with each client from concept to completion.


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