Cut Scrap & Material Costs down to size with Vicount's Advanced Engineering

For small and large companies alike, Vicount Industries augments your own in-house staff during peak times, taking your product design, enhancing it for manufacturability and cost efficiency, then designing and building the Metal Stamping Dies to meet your specs and performance requirements.

For those companies who do not have an internal design staff, Vicount brings specialized expertise which may be unavailable internally.  Vicount’s expertise includes:

  • Blank Optimization
  • Spring-back Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Laser Scanning
  • Creating Solid Models
  • Color Mapping
  • Formability
  • Implementing Engineering Changes
  • Die Design and/or Engineer for manufacture

Proven Process for Quality Stamping Dies

Using our AUTOFORM® and DYNAFORM® software during the engineering phase puts us ahead of the competition for cost, timing and accuracy.  In short, utilizing all the tools in Vicount’s tool chest can aid in faster prototype builds and better material utilization, enabling quick process prove-out and an efficient start to your production.

With AUTOFORM, customers can count on:

  • Improved trimline repetability
  • Improved spring-back repeatability
  • Higher quality tool designs that can be produced with maximum confidence
  • Less press downtime and lower reject rates in production

With DYNAFORM, Vicount can sometimes bypass traditional soft tooling methods entirely. By utilizing this software, Vicount can:

  • Prove out formability
  • Anticipate product development issues early in the process
  • Allows evaluation of alternative designs and materials for an optimal solution

AUTOFORM and DYNAFORM give us a strong arsenal to attack any problem or difficult product design that comes along.  Vicount Industries hopes to be the most cost-effective and accurate solution available among innovative manufacturing organizations who seek to streamline the metal stamping die analysis process.

Our customers’ projects often require:

  • Cost targets that may be difficult to reach
  • Differentiation from competitive products
  • Innovative mechanical solutions
  • Resolving conflicting or difficult design goals
  • Tight Deadlines
  • Engineering Changes

The Vicount Engineering & Development Process offers these results for your Metal Stamping Die projects:

  • It works: Vicount’s focus is on function, seeking simple, durable, long-lasting solutions
  • It Maintains Easily:  Appealing to the die setter and maintenance personnel
  • Its Manufacturable: Reliable, and cost effective production designs
  • Peace of mind: customers know the project is in good hands, and are free to focus on other priorities



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